The Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) is the international partnership of the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) across the Asia Pacific region. It spans over half of the world’s population, and its members are fundamental in the provision of high-speed network connectivity domestically and internationally. The name APAN refers to both the organization representing its members and the backbone network that connects the research and education networks of member economies in the Asia-Pacific region to each other and to other similar networks worldwide. APAN is a not-for-profit independent Association that undertakes a range of activities on behalf of its members and has been doing so since June 1997. APAN members represent the research and education network interests in the economies of Asia and Oceania. APAN coordinates activities related to network technologies, services, and applications among its members and with its international peer organizations. APAN is also a key driver in promoting and facilitating network-enabled research and education activities. These include Network Engineering, Agriculture, Identity & Access Management, Telemedicine, Internet of Things (IoT), AI-Driven Networks, Security, Cloud, IPV6, Routing, Research Collaboration, Open & Sharing Data, Disaster Mitigation, e-Culture, and e-Governance.

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The Thailand Research Education Network Association (ThaiREN) was established to coordinate among researchers and users of R&E networks, as well as promote/support research projects and activities.  In Thailand, there are two research and education networks namely UniNet and ThaiSARN. UniNet is the inter-university network that provides internet links to Thai universities and ThaiSARN provides to research institutes such as NECTEC, HII, etc.  In the year 2006, UniNet and ThaiSARN were peering together and called “Thailand Research and Education Networks”.  ThaiREN is a focal point for collaboration with other nREN such as SingAREN (Singapore), MyREN (Malaysia), APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network), Internet2 (US), TEIN (Europe & Asia) or AARNet (Australia).  In terms of the Thai research community, ThaiREN is an association, which has objectives to

Research and Dissemination

Research and dissemination of knowledge about network technology, information technology, and related applications.

Support and Recommend

Support and recommend networking technologies, information technology policy, and related applications to public and private organizations.

Support the Development

Support the development of network technology, information technology, and related applications.

Support and Apply

Support and apply network technology, information technology, and applications related to the organization of public and private sector users.

Cooperation and Coordination

Cooperation and coordination with other relevant organizations, both domestically and internationally.Collaboration with other countries in the research networks and the Internet.